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Marinated Vegan

This is me. Animal advocate and passionate vegan. 

After years of struggling with my mental health, I’ve begun on a beautiful journey of self-enlightenment. I’ve found a new passion in combining my creativity with my love for vegan food. I take great joy in showing everyone that vegan food can be delicious (yes even omnivores!)

Over the years I spread knowledge about veganism, and helped educate omnivores as to why conscious eating is incredibly important. I’ve watched people question their life long beliefs, and witnessed their minds start to change right before my eyes. I knew change was possible, even for the most stubborn. 

Like tofu, vegans tend to “marinate” in knowledge whilst educating themselves; including that of what it takes to be a vegan.

I’m starting Marinated Vegan as a way to share these mouth watering recipes with you!

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